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Watch Every Day Live Professional Traders Analysing Forex Easy Trades And Trading Successfully.  

Learn & Develop Forex Trading Skill With Professional Traders In Real Time.

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Real-Time Intra-day Trade Analysis With Full Description 

 Forex Squawk, Instant Market & Analysis Updates 

Real-Time Trade Practice on Virtual Trading Platform

Live Trading Support & Coaching


Flex Strategy

Price based Flex strategy with built-in main Four key indicators:
1) Market trend, 2) Momentum, 3) Price Direction Alerts, 4) Fib Levels
These indicators help traders to indientify good trade setups and trades successfully.


Flex Chart Templates

Four Flex templates including trade analysis tool, are browser based so traders do not need indicators, a high spec PC and many monitors whether a trader has one or multiple monitors, they can easily use these templates and watch all major pairs easily. 


Potential Trade Alerts

Potential trade alerts including market trend & momentum information with a screenshot and past trade analysis which helps traders to identify high probability trades easily and plan trades accordingly or execute the trade instantly. 


Live Trade Analysis

Trade analysts continuously analyse 12 major currency pairs and broadcast these analyses  as soon as they find any good trade setups. These analyses are based on Price Action Intra-Day trading style, which is very easy for any trader to understand and validate instantly.


Forex Squawk & News Alert

Traders find all upcoming news details in the System including news alerts - 30 and 1 minute prior to the news release. Traders also receive information through a Forex Squawk including news updates and any new upcoming trade opportunities.


Online Support

We provide live support to all our members through online chat and audio commentary. Our objective is to help traders to become  successful, so any trader can ask questions in regards to the Flex Trading System and Analyses. 


Order Desk

Pips-based trade execution order desk (with market and limit orders.) Contains real time live market data feed which helps traders to test the Flex strategy. Once they gain confidence then they can open a position on the real platform.


MT4 Trade Copier

Traders have the option to copy live trades from the Flex virtual trading desk into MT4 platform through our MT4 trade copier plugin. Traders can also manage all MT4 trades from the Flex virtual trading desk. Configuration and use is quick and simple.


Performance / Trade History

Trading System records trades so that traders can view their current and past trading performances with screenshots and help them analyse their previous trades and improve their trading skills effectively. 


Past Trade Analysis Results

Here traders can view the results of all the past trade analyses made so they can practice virtually and understand how professional analysts analyse the Forex market. This feature help traders to further develop their skills and understand live trade analyses effectively.


Daily Analyses Training Videos

We provide detailed  Flex Strategy training videos so traders can learn and understand how to use the system and strategy to trade successfully. These training videos cover all basic and advance trading material.


One on One Forex Education

We also provide private one to one Forex training and coaching to individuals per request and help them live through the ProFxTrainer. Within this training we also cover Forex Trading, Money & Risk Managment, Investment & Portfolio Management. 

Flex strategy, price based charts on 12 major currency pairs with trend & momentum indicators, including potential trade setup alerts which helps traders to identify good trade opportunities easily and trade successfully.

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